Nigel Johnson

I specialize in many wonderful things

About me

Project manager, development manager, business analyst, photographer and creative genius.

I am an open minded real world problem solver and prototyper with a development and support background. I worked for the MoD in cryptography and communications and have a strong security and fine detail focus. I have software running in, on, and around this planet, in millions of smooshy little bits on another planet and hurtling out of our solar system. I find humans infinitely interesting and I have degrees in Psychology with specialisations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am a qualified PRINCE2 Project Manager and develop Web Apps for no other reason than I can. I am also a creative genius, a published, exhibited and award winning photographer and a temporary ex-biker. Above all else, I don't take myself too seriously.


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Photographic portfolio

Below you can see just a small sample of my photographic work. Click on a gallery to see the images.


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My blog

I have been known to ramble about loads of inane stuff and people ask me lots of ridiculous questions, if you're interested in this kind of jibber jabber, for example mathematical proof that 1 equals 2, then you are looking for my blog.

Beware though, it has a "Not safe for work" categorisation. This means that the stuff I write is directly from my brain. The thoughts and opinions are my own (or borrowed and paraphrased as my own) and in no way represent anyone I associate with, work for or may have inadvertently plagiarised. They may not even my my own real opinion any more. The posts may contain sensitive body parts, rude words and politically incorrect statements. The spelling is probably really bad as well.

If you are sensitive in anyway, then this is not the place for you. Still reading? Then go read my blog.


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Contact me using the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you are having problems, my direct contact details are below.

+268 7692 5507

box 410, malkerns, swaziland